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Board Update 6-22-18

It has been a busy time for the Board of Directors working with new management and renovating the amenities center and getting the pool opened for summer. As usual, there have been hiccups. Goodwin Harrison is a great company with whom we appear to have a good rapport and things are gradually getting ironed out. Unfortunately, since Classic quit, we have come across many many problems created by them as a result of their not…

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Board Update 5-21-18

Finally we near the time of the pool opening and we are almost complete with renovations. The City of Fort Worth finally cleared our inspection Friday of last week which allows us to open the pool.  Each year brings new code issues and changes which need to be made to comply with new regulations.  We are cleared. The fence is up around the amenities center and the gates were completed this afternoon, Monday, May 21,…

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Board Update 4-5-18

Everything is finally moving forward with our new management group in a very positive way; it has been a long hard road but I believe we are making progress.  The clubhouse is almost complete and the new fence at the clubhouse and playground will be started soon.  Once the fence is complete, our playground equipment will be overhauled and repaired and a new cushion put into place. Once the pool opens and the fence is…

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Board Update 3-7-18

We are actually making progress now! After two years of difficulty and confusion, we finally have a manager in place with the experience needed for our community and the availability to do the job. Jared Lacy is now on site two full days per week as well which should help a lot. Pool season is coming. Watch your mail for information on dates to get your new access card at the clubhouse this year onsite.  You…

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Board Update 2-13-18

This transition has been a bit slow which is somewhat disappointing.  We had hoped to retain momentum and communication.  Our website is still not transferred correctly and the violations drive group is taking longer than we hoped to get the drives correctly in place according to our governing documents.  But we are working on it and hope it will sort out soon. Homeowners are still paying Classic Property Management and it is three months since…

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