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Board Update 10-11-17

Lots of great new changes in our community this past week. First GOOD NEWS! The City of Fort Worth has FINALLY taken over the mowing, trimming and weed- eating of the CITY PROPERTY which includes the MEDIANS from I-35 to the railroad tracks and the city park, where the ponds are at Deer Lake. On October 4th, the clean up team arrived to begin fishing the trash from the ponds and began the mowing at…

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Board Update 9-26-17

The new entrance landscaping is starting to bloom out now and more landscaping renovations continue. The changes and improvements are becoming very noticeable. The professional landscapers are doing a great job and moving forward as the sprinkler company is able to renovate our defunct sprinkler system one controller at a time and one area at a time. New borders are visible at the clubhouse and the playground is undergoing renovation to ensure a safe and…

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Board Update 9-11-17

The clubhouse is almost renovated. New LED floodlights were hoisted into place at the parking lot and playground this week which is very exciting. Sensors will have the new advanced lighting sensitive to dusk and dawn giving us complete coverage at any time there is no sunlight. Additionally, the security cameras surrounding the clubhouse and playground and swimming pool are now operative as well giving us full 24/7 recording coverage of all activity in that…

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Board Update 8-24-17

Another busy month. Renovation work is noticeably beautiful at our pool house and clubhouse. We are very appreciative of the many homeowners who have taken the time to thank the board for this beautification effort. Some homeowners have stated this is the first year they have been able to truly enjoy our pool in several years. We are so glad people are enjoying it again. Pool showers are working now with lovely non-slip mats and…

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Board Update 7-31-17

It is difficult to understand the mass negligence this community has undergone. This week while replacing the showers and water heater at the pool house, the contractor discovered the water heater (which had fallen through the floor) was never hooked up properly. Additionally, ALL OF THE PIPES in the pool house had busted in a hard freeze and someone just ‘turned it all off’ and never addressed all of the broken pipes. Thus the reason…

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Board Update 7-27-17

Finally the new roof is on the clubhouse and the pool house – three and one half months after we began the journey of improving and maintaining our assets. We have a beautiful new community asset center. Next is gutters. Contractors are still working on plumbing and the new showers are installed at the pool house but we now need to address the drain system and a previous leak which shut them down long ago.…

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Board Update 7-17-17

This past week upon arrival to pool check, it was discovered we had two leaking pool pumps and problems with the chlorinator and a very ugly water reading. Pool Service requested we close the pool for one day which we did. They repaired the pool pumps, installed a new chlorinator and we reopened the following day with a sparkling beautiful pool. It was so nice to see all the jets moving and turning and the…

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Board Update 7-10-17

A week of finalizing repairs and renovations we hope to have finished by August 1, 2017. Painting began this week at the clubhouse and pool house. Repair and renovation of pool bathrooms will be ongoing for the next week and the roof will be replaced by the end of the month. After all of that work is complete, the gutters will be replaced and we hope to have another sun shade added to the food…

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Board Update 7-1-17

Another insanely busy week. Three board members spent at least four to five hours DAILY this week at the clubhouse meeting with vendors and following up issues. We are moving forward waiting on the insurance claim for the roof and other renovations for the clubhouse and pool house. Renovations of counters, stalls and outdated non-working plumbing, toilet fixtures and painting begins July 10th. The roofer is ready to go but we are still waiting on…

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Board Update 6-25-17

Another very busy week. I want to thank those on the board going the ‘extra mile’ as these volunteer positions have turned into forty hour/week positions with overtime, all without pay. We press on however with the goal of making our neighborhood the best we can in the next year!! The week started with meetings again. We have learned (the hard way) contracting with one company for a half dozen services does NOT work. In…

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