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The clubhouse is almost renovated.

New LED floodlights were hoisted into place at the parking lot and playground this week which is very exciting. Sensors will have the new advanced lighting sensitive to dusk and dawn giving us complete coverage at any time there is no sunlight. Additionally, the security cameras surrounding the clubhouse and playground and swimming pool are now operative as well giving us full 24/7 recording coverage of all activity in that area. The previous security lights were 250W and these are 400W LED. They are three times as bright and use less than 70,000 KW compared to the 350,000 KW the less effective lights used. We are still addressing the addition of more lighting near the street where it still remains dark.

The playground will eventually be enclosed in iron fencing to protect us from vandalism we have experienced in the past and offer more security for our homeowner’s enjoyment with their children. I am, however, grateful to know families were already enjoying the new lighting at dark this weekend. We will be repairing and replacing some of the playground equipment as well. Remember, the equipment is designed for children up to the age of twelve (12) only. Please discourage older children from playing on the swings.

Painting and finishing touches are being applied to clubhouse and we hope it will be complete by end of pool season. On that note, we are happy to see people still enjoying the pool particularly now we have the wonderful warm water showers operative and available for everyone’s use and enjoyment.

As stated in the last update, we asked our mowing team to once again mow the pond area and McPherson Boulevard medians. ALL of this property is City of Fort Worth OWNED. It is the city’s job to maintain it. It is costly upkeep for property which does not belong to us. We are in hopes we will be on the city mowing rotation schedule by late September. We will keep you updated and will continue to ‘courtesy’ mow when required until the schedule is set on regular rotation. Of course, as the bridge completes and McPherson becomes a more viable connector for the city with the plan to open to the west, everything will change again. We continue to monitor those changes.

Our attorneys continue to press forward on collections from long past due accounts. While our red balance is shrinking, it is still way too large. HOA dues are mandatory in a homeowner’s association. They are due in full semi-annually. Payments plans must be approved by the Board of Directors. There are still at least half of the homeowners in this community not paying their dues on time. This creates extra burden for those who do pay on time. Please make an effort to budget your dues into your regular payments. It is as important as your mortgage payment.

Please remember ANY CHANGE or MODIFICATION to your home MUST BE APPROVED PRIOR TO WORK BEING DONE. ACC request forms must be submitted along with plans, colors, drawings, permits and insurance proof. Please allow at least two weeks for your original submission to be reviewed. Please organize your projects so that everything is timed to run in a smooth way.

Please acquaint yourself with our Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. These are the rule and law of our neighborhood designed to give us a beautiful environment and retain our property value. The Board is considering a training day this fall to allow for those who may not be familiar with our governing documents to understand their content. We will keep you updated on this.

The dumpster at the clubhouse is for the use of the clubhouse and pool cleaning staff. It is NOT for personal dumping use. Please do not attempt to dump trash there, or anywhere else in the community. We have seen people throwing out bags of trash at the corner of McPherson and Deer Trail and at the pond area. We wonder if they are homeowners in our community or people who do not live here. The trash blows everywhere and is very unsightly. Please make sure you do not litter. There is a new law in effect this month in Fort Worth. Littering is a mandatory $500 fine and community service picking up litter for up to six weeks. PLEASE DON’T LITTER in our community.

We have new entrance signs being installed to discourage soliciting in our community. In addition to being a safety issue, it produces litter as well. Our attorney is working to allow us steps to prosecute those who violate this rule on private property.

Our September board meeting is Thursday, September 14th. We encourage homeowners to attend the open session at 7:30pm.

Deborah Danilow, President, PDC HOA BOD

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