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Another busy month. Renovation work is noticeably beautiful at our pool house and clubhouse. We are very appreciative of the many homeowners who have taken the time to thank the board for this beautification effort. Some homeowners have stated this is the first year they have been able to truly enjoy our pool in several years. We are so glad people are enjoying it again.

Pool showers are working now with lovely non-slip mats and warm water for showering before and after swimming. It has been a very long time since these were operative, possibly a decade. Remember, the pool remains open through end of September this year!

The few remaining changes include the new LED lighting at the parking lot and playground with working dawn to dusk sensors. This fall, we will be addressing the new common area fencing on the list for our safety and concerns in our neighborhood.

As you know, the McPherson Bridge is still underway. This is a TXDot project (Texas Department of Transportation) at a cost of $9,950,000. McPherson is still owned by the City of Fort Worth and is considered (on City information maps) part of the ‘master thoroughfare plan’. McPherson is denoted as a ‘community connector’ and expansion to the west is on that plan. As that looms over us in the coming year(s), we want our community ready when it comes to pass. Along with the plans for common iron fencing to set off our neighborhood, you will be seeing signs indicating this to be a private property neighborhood and there is NO solicitation, dumping, trespassing, or advertising allowed. When the expansion begins, McPherson will shift to TxDot for the actual expansion.

The secretary and I spent another afternoon with the City on Tuesday of this week going over where city lines are drawn relative to our common areas and discussing their responsibilities and plans. We have been very unhappy with no city help on the care of McPherson, which is city owned. We have asked our mowing company to once again courtesy mow McPherson fence to fence from our entrance sign all the way to the railroad tracks. Our PDC entrance sign sits on common area (owned by the HOA) but all of the medians and the sidewalk belong to the City of Fort Worth. If there is more mowing needed prior to the city takeover of mowing, we will have it done again as it is needed.

The sign at the entrance has been repainted and renovated. The sprinkler company is working now to lay underground soakers and lines and next the landscape plan will be put into place. We want our entrance to be absolutely awesome.

The corners of Deer Trail and McPherson are owned by the HOA where the brick walls exist. At some point in recent years, someone added public trash cans to those corners. We do not know who put them there. They began to spill over with excessive trash and people began dumping large bags of trash behind them. It became a horrific unsanitary mess. The board made a decision to remove the cans which encouraged public dumping as we have no private trash pickup in our community. Only the City of Fort Worth picks up trash in our neighborhood and no one was picking up that trash. It began to smell and spread all over our streets. As we have noticed, many people from outside our community travel to the end of McPherson at the tracks and speed back. Possibly the cans encouraged them to

dump trash. We also have old furniture and other items being dumped at the end of McPherson which is another problem but we can call and press the city to clean that up. We had no way to deal with that trash.

Speaking of the end of McPherson, if you see commercial vehicles being parked and left in that area, please report them to the police department on the non-emergency number 817-392-4222 (this is a new number – please make note).

We have a similar problem at the pond area. There is one of those cans at the mid pond which is overflowing with trash and now people are dumping large bags of trash there as well. Again, we have no private trash contractor here so it is now spilling over and being carried by the wind into the ponds. It is really a problem. These are NOT City trash cans. CFW trash cans have a city insignia on them, sometimes a longhorn and sometimes just say City of Fort Worth. We are contacting the city to see if they will allow us to remove those cans as well. We are told we have a lot of public parking in that area now and people who do not live here are using that area. We do not want the litter. There is no reason for people to leave trash at that area.

Regarding the pond area, as we have already told you, this area is owned by the City of Fort Worth. It is actually a flood easement which connects on the east side of the freeway to a huge flood easement map. Because our developer originally donated the land to the city, it can now be designated a city park. The City officially takes over the maintenance on September 22nd. We are told as the new community of Deer Creek in Crowley (to our south) develops, there are plans to beautify our park. We hope that will be the case. We hope to see lighting in that area which has seen some crime activity recently. We also have asked forestry to trim and clean up all the trees in that area. They need it.

Last week on a community drive, we noticed some neighbors who back to the pond at the east were mowing behind their homes. We have asked our mowing company to mow the entire pond area and weed eat again. Please let us know if there is anything missed. You may reach the board through Mark Middleton, our manager, at 817 640 2064. You may also send a direct message to the board on our website: or (on our marquee). Please communicate with us regarding your concerns and needs. If you see something, say something. We may not know about it if you don’t let us know. Outside of this blog, the website, and management, and board meetings, we have no other way to communicate. As stated before, our HOA Attorney recommends refraining from communication on social media as verification of identity is not possible on a social network site. Anyone can sign on and create a fake persona. We are told it is unsafe which is seconded by our neighborhood police officer. Please be careful with private information. Our website will verify anyone on the site is an actual PDC homeowner or tenant. In today’s world, one cannot be too careful.

Before closing, we want to remind you BULK trash pickup by the City of Fort Worth is the THIRD Monday of each month. You may put out bulk items after 7pm on Sunday the night before the third Monday. Putting our bulk trash prior to that time is a city code violation. The City may pick up anytime from Monday to Saturday. We ask you to be respectful of your neighbors and don’t leave out bulk trash too

early that blows around the community and looks unsightly. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our community at its best and most beautiful.

Our community is looking better every week. We still need committee help. Please sign up if you can on the website or contact Mark Middleton.

Deborah Danilow, President, PDC HOA BOD

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