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It is difficult to understand the mass negligence this community has undergone. This week while replacing the showers and water heater at the pool house, the contractor discovered the water heater (which had fallen through the floor) was never hooked up properly. Additionally, ALL OF THE PIPES in the pool house had busted in a hard freeze and someone just ‘turned it all off’ and never addressed all of the broken pipes. Thus the reason (we couldn’t understand) why the pool house was always flooded with water and the walls were all warped and all of the outside pipes were corroded and non-functional. I cannot imagine how previous management, and possibly boards, never thought to insulate or wrap the pipes at the clubhouse and pool house when the weather went to 5 degrees. In my humble opinion, that is quite simply negligence. In fairness to previous board members, I am sure they believed management was doing their job to protect our assets. That was clearly NOT the case.

Our amenities are ASSETS of our HOA. The extreme neglect which has gone on for years and years has been very costly in many ways. The defunct sprinkler systems have cost us thousands in wasted water. There were seven leaks at the pool house area alone all along the southern edge of the landscaping. The water was just pouring out on top of the ground and under it. I have requested a read out of all water bills for each station for the year from management to determine exactly how much money we have washed away. Repairing it long ago would have been cost effective and saved water. It appears there was just a ‘band aid effect’ being practiced in this community. Put a band aid on long enough to hide the wound and everyone will forget about it. That is not responsible stewardship.

The community meeting was disappointing. Our district representative Jungus Jordan didn’t even show up which doesn’t say much about the City of Fort Worth. I am grateful to the homeowners who did show up but disappointed equally at the apparent apathy in our community. Sadly, many people complain but few have stepped up to care and contribute time and effort to helping things change for the better. Yet we will forge ahead with the hope others will join us as it becomes obvious things are improving here.

We continue to find more information regarding the pond area which the developer gave to the City of Fort Worth effective in the middle of 2004. It is a maze of confusion. Basically the developer agreed to give the 8+ acres to the City and agreed to maintain it completely in order to receive large tax abatement for his project. But he is now gone many years ago and the community has spent close to three-quarters of a million dollars over the past years mowing and watering the ponds which do not belong to the HOA. Furthermore, we have NO exclusivity to the area meaning it is a City ‘park’ and is open to the public for any and all things. This creates another issue as we understand there is now a crime problem developing in the darkness which leaves those homes with backyards facing the ponds with only iron rail fencing at risk. Homeowners have reported people loitering, taunting their animals and disturbing their peace, as well as other unsavory activities in that area at night. This is a problem as heretofore the police would not respond to these calls believing it was private property. It isn’t.

Currently, the HOA budget is spending close to twenty-five (25%) percent of our entire budget on the pond area alone. This is not a balance a budget can afford when half of the community is still not paying

dues. As a result, we will incur legal fees to place liens on all homes which are seriously delinquent in order to try to collect dues not being paid. Of course, this is unfair to homeowners who pay their dues on time with responsibility. We met with the city again Thursday evening for over two hours and are pursuing a viable solution. We will be sending our recommendations via our legal counsel to the City attorney in hopes the City will assume some responsibility for their land. When we asked for them to return it to the HOA, they basically said absolutely not although they could not answer why that is a problem except to say it is a ‘city asset’.

We will be researching EcoPond systems which are the new agricultural suggestion of Texas Parks and Wildlife and Texas A&M for handling and keeping water clean and clear. The fountains are very expensive to maintain and are broken as much as they are running. There is currently a bid to replace a fountain at $15,000 which is exorbitant and we believe unnecessary based on what we are learning through the agricultural departments. It is possible we could even seek a wildlife habitat exemption. We are concerned about keeping the parks lovely but at the same time we must be realistic about the expense we have incurred watering and mowing it. We continue to work on this and will be addressing it in the next open board meeting. Please make an effort to be advised and be involved.

Work is almost complete on the clubhouse. It looks as it should and we hope by September homeowners will be able to enjoy it again. There is some plumbing still ongoing but the new roof is finally in place and it looks wonderful.

The Pool house, as stated earlier, has some ‘issues’ but we will work to resolve all of that as quickly as possible also.

As the sprinkler systems are rebuilt at the clubhouse and playground and entrance, you will see the new landscaping plan taking place. They are waiting for installation of heads and soakers to ensure the new landscape will have what it needs to thrive when installed. Both the entrance sign and the small area in the median across from it are being renovated and renewed.

The board had our mowing company do a courtesy mow down McPherson last week and again at the ponds while we continue negotiations with the city. Simply identifying how quickly the medians along McPherson will be gone has become a task. We do know the installation of the ongoing $9,950,000 bridge is a sign ‘of things to come’. That courtesy mow costs the community approximately $2000 each time so you can understand how costly this is to maintain while waiting for the City of Fort Worth to care for their own property. It is a challenge. Add to that the fact we have had no assistance from any of neither the four commercial companies nor the apartment complex which share McPherson Boulevard with us and it becomes even more frustrating. We must keep working at it.

The Crime Committee is very important; it is forming and we ask you get involved to keep our neighborhood safe! Our neighborhood police officer Michael Neil told us Thursday evening there is a homeless camp just south of the Caliber Collision Repair company on the I35 access road east of our community (below Taco Bell) which contains criminal elements they are watching with concern. One such individual has already been arrested for car theft. These are repeat offenders. PLEASE BE CAREFUL

and pay attention to your surroundings. REPORT SUSPICIOUS INDIVIDUALS BY CALLING ‘911’ IMMEDIATELY!

David Gulley has been elected as Chairperson of Committees by the board. Please contact him through management to add your energy to the committees.

Deborah Danilow, President, PDC HOA BOD

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