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Finally the new roof is on the clubhouse and the pool house – three and one half months after we began the journey of improving and maintaining our assets. We have a beautiful new community asset center. Next is gutters. Contractors are still working on plumbing and the new showers are installed at the pool house but we now need to address the drain system and a previous leak which shut them down long ago.

Our new pool maintenance company has done a stellar job of keeping the water clear and beautiful and many residents have enjoyed the beautiful pool this year!

New touch-less soap dispensers and hand dryers are installed and final painting will be done soon. The new water fountain with a cold water fill station will be installed this week also.

The board extended the month of July to homeowners to pay dues as a result of any confusion during transition to Classic Property Management. If you haven’t paid your dues, please do so before the end of July to avoid late fees and other costs.

Work continues on rebuilding and renovating our lovely entrance area. The sign will be repainted to be beautiful and bright again and the new landscaping will be put in place as soon as the sprinkler system is renovated. All of these things had fallen into disarray over a decade of little maintenance but soon we will be very proud of our community again.

As mentioned before, the expansion of the bridge and the street will take out many of the meridians on McPherson and eventually that will become a street with traffic levels like FM 1187. Until that time, we will continue to propogate and make beautiful both our entrance sign and the area across from it in the median, until such time as they remove the middle median down the road.

Tonight’s community fair meeting is critical. If you do not support your community, you will not have a voice in what happens to it. As mentioned, we have discovered the developers gave away the 8 + acres at the pond to the City of Fort Worth, effective in 2004. WE DO NOT OWN IT. However, this HOA has paid for the mowing and watering of it at the expense of approximately $7000/month since that time WITHOUT EXCLUSIVITY OF USE in the agreement. This is a major point of discussion as well as the city maintenance of McPherson which is ALSO CITY OWNED. As business continue to expand to McPherson and the bridge is complete, this will bring a big change to this community. We are gearing up for what this means to our neighborhood. Please get involved.

Deborah Danilow, President, PDC HOA BOD

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