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This past week upon arrival to pool check, it was discovered we had two leaking pool pumps and problems with the chlorinator and a very ugly water reading. Pool Service requested we close the pool for one day which we did. They repaired the pool pumps, installed a new chlorinator and we reopened the following day with a sparkling beautiful pool. It was so nice to see all the jets moving and turning and the skimmers clean and operating and the beautiful sparkling clear water! WOW. Proper levels and safe water and a beautiful place to swim!

Ongoing repairs and renovations continue at the pool and clubhouse. The bathroom stalls, counters and sinks have been renovated. The women’s bathroom is still closed to allow the new surfaces to ‘cure’ properly. There is one bathroom available however during the remainder of the work. The second crew begins today installing new faucets, new showers at pool pump house, toilet seats needed and the new touchless soap dispensers and hand dryers. It looks better every day. We are still patiently waiting on the insurance check to get the new roof but we are told it is in process still. It has been three months but we hope to have it done by August 1st.

The new mowing crew began work this week . Also, the new cleaning teams began this week which will be helping with trash pickup along Deer Trail twice weekly. The landscape company has begun tearing out the old overgrown landscaping, particularly at the entrance sign. We are adding a bid to include water soaker hoses at our entrance sign to support the new landscape as the existing sprinklers have not been effective. The sign will be repainted, renovated and renewed prior to the installation of the new drought resistant perennials. Previous crews have thrown dirt over our beautiful stone border and planted annuals on top of it. The stones have actually sunk over five inches as a result. They will be rebuilt with a sand base and renewed so it will be beautiful again. It was filled with snakes, rat nests and thousands of fire ants, all of which have been treated or removed now. Our beautiful sign will once again be seen as it was overgrown with decades of untrimmed and overgrown bushes, some of which was wild. We will soon see a beautiful new landscaped entrance which welcomes people proudly to our neighborhood.

We met with the city representative again before the board meeting on Thursday and are still asking for days they will be mowing McPherson and the pond. We are patiently waiting for that information so we may move forward with courtesy mowing in the interim to keep our areas lovely.

Fort Worth Sprinkler has been working all week to identify repairs and renovations required for our somewhat defunct sprinkler system which also has not been maintained very well. They will be providing a color coded survey of our system in the future to help future boards identify locations of boxes and controls which took us days to find without any help. We hope to see a fully functional sprinkler system soon which operates timely and correctly. Water waste has been huge in this community and we expect that to end soon with this new system.

We had a great turnout for the board meeting and a large sign up for committees. We are so excited to see things moving in such a positive swift direction. We will be identifying more clearly committee structure in the next few weeks and particularly in anticipation of our CITY COMMUNITY FAIR MEETING

on JULY 27TH at Chisholm Trail Community Center 7pm – 8:30 pm. PLEASE ATTEND AND BRING YOUR NEIGHBORS. This meeting will have our district representatives present and our neighborhood police, code compliance and parks department officials to answer questions from the community, and to update us on all of the new developments coming to our area in the near future which will affect our community. This is our opportunity to expand our cohesiveness to other neighborhoods and nearby HOA communities, and to learn what will be coming in the way of traffic and commerce soon. All of this will affect us and we encourage everyone to attend and get involved in what is coming.

Classic has been handling our July dues billing and receiving. The board has elected to offer a thirty (30) day grace period for July assessments to be paid without penalty due to some confusion of accounts from management transition which was not very clear. You may pay from our community website.

Again, let me remind you the ONLY official and authorized website for the Parks of Deer Creek Homeowners Association Inc may be accessed through: or (as referenced on our marquee at entrance). Neither management nor the board will respond, see or communicate through unauthorized social media for safety reasons. Please visit the website to see what is happening in our community, and remember according to our governing documents, you are required to give management a functioning operable email address at which you may be reached for communication.

Deborah Danilow, President, PDC HOA BOD

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