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A week of finalizing repairs and renovations we hope to have finished by August 1, 2017. Painting began this week at the clubhouse and pool house. Repair and renovation of pool bathrooms will be ongoing for the next week and the roof will be replaced by the end of the month. After all of that work is complete, the gutters will be replaced and we hope to have another sun shade added to the food court. The new water fountain will include a bottle refill station and will be cold water. That should be a special added touch as well.

New sinks and countertops which were contracted earlier are just now nearing completion. Because of the rain and high humidity this week, it is possible the pool will have to be closed for a day or two this week to allow the new counters and stalls ‘to cure’. But it will be worth it. The clubhouse and pool area is looking beautiful and will soon be complete for everyone to enjoy.

A special thanks to everyone who attended the special July 7 meeting and to all of those who sent in ballots and helped to pass our amendment to the Bylaws. It passed with a resounding 90% support!!

Classic is finally sending this board blog out now to everyone signed up for email blasts. Some people are still not signed up on the community website and we are hoping this will help people understand what is going on, why, how and where to go for involvement and communication. To view all of the previous board blogs to get ‘up to date’ on everything since mid-May, you can log in to or (like on our entrance sign) and then go to ‘news’ button and choose ‘board blog’. Remember, our governing documents require everyone who is a member of the homeowner’s association to provide an accurate and functioning email address.

Our regular monthly board meeting will be held July 13th at the clubhouse and open session begins 7:30pm.

Our SPECIAL meeting with the city representatives will be held on July 27th from 7pm – 8:30pm at the Chisholm Trail Community Center.

The following city departments will be at the meeting: City Council member JUNGUS JORDAN; NPO MICHAEL NEIL; Rep from Code Compliance; Rep from City Parks; and Community Engagement Liason.

Please make effort to be at the community and city meeting; this is your chance to find out what is happening around us and to voice concerns for anything in our neighborhood which you feel should be addressed!!

Deborah Danilow, President, PDC HOA BOD

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