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Another insanely busy week. Three board members spent at least four to five hours DAILY this week at the clubhouse meeting with vendors and following up issues. We are moving forward waiting on the insurance claim for the roof and other renovations for the clubhouse and pool house. Renovations of counters, stalls and outdated non-working plumbing, toilet fixtures and painting begins July 10th. The roofer is ready to go but we are still waiting on the difficult and long drawn out insurance claim process. We are not sure that we have a great insurance company so that is next on the list. The renovation includes upgrading our asset to include touchless soap systems and hand drying units to avoid extensive trash, and towel issues, as well as cleanliness.

We have an amended agreement with the City of Fort Worth now. They will be mowing and maintaining McPherson (it is a city street) and the pond area (that is a city owned floodway easement). We will continue to water those areas to make sure they stay attractive, but in more conservative measure. We will work towards what we can do with the fountains, to replace or maintain them, in order to keep the water clean and fresh.

Our landscaper will be reworking the entrance beds to once again show off the lovely tile work there and the beautiful stone borders, which over the years have been buried in dirt and unkempt weeds. Costly, difficult to maintain, annuals will be replaced, with the more efficient, and landscape friendly, perennials being suggested by Texas landscape schools, and professionals, to withstand the Texas climate, look beautiful, and save money. The landscape company will also address the many out of control fire ant beds, crabgrass, and weeds, which were not being effectively controlled by previous groups.

Rusted, exposed, sharp, landscape borders around the pool, are being torn out, to avoid children being hurt. Trees and shrubs which have not been properly trimmed in years are being trimmed back as well. The playground is being cleaned up to make it a safe place for children to play again.

The sprinkler company will be here next week to overhaul the outdated, horrific, sprinkler system we have, which has not been updated, or repaired correctly, in over a decade. There were lizards and spiders living in most of the control boxes, and some wires are just ‘hot’ and others dead. Once the system is repaired, and replaced, and rain sensors reactivated and correct timing controls set, they will oversee general maintenance twice a year like any other system, and water at correct times, instead of oddball times, which made no sense.

The board is in the process of approving one of the many mowing bids we have received, to coincide with the other changes which have been successfully made.

Pool maintenance has been assessed, and two of the chlorinators are being replaced, as we work towards repairing the defunct, and severely outdated, equipment at the pool house. The water heaters are being replaced, and brought to code as well. One of them was literally hanging inside of a rotted box, tilted to the side. We are amazed we ever got the city permit for the pool this year, but all of this is

being addressed, and by fall, we will all have a beautiful, updated, community asset of which we can be truly proud.

July 7th is the meeting for voting for the amendment suggested by our legal team. This amendment simply enforces homeowners who lease to make sure they give their tenants a copy of our CCRs, and explain how they will be affected by our rules and regulations while living in our community. Tenants will have access to our amenities just as our residents do; however, owners will be required to forward the lease to management, so management will be able to identify tenants. The homeowner will be responsible to pay a small administrative fee to the management company, if the tenants will use our amenities, much like our resale certificates, for their handling of their paperwork and tenants. This is part of the leasing policy, which our HOA attorney recommended, and filed to protect our community.

July 13th is our regular monthly board meeting.

July 27th is the PDC/City of Fort Worth community meeting at the Chisholm Trail Community Center.
All homeowners are encouraged to attend this event. Our district representative, neighborhood police officers, code compliance officers and other city personnel, will be at this meeting. It is a great opportunity to ask questions, and voice concerns about your community, as well as, learn what is going on around us in our immediate vicinity, and how it will affect us.

Once our clubhouse and pool house renovations are complete, the board will turn again to the fencing of common areas on the table, in anticipation of the opening of McPherson, and the development of Deer Creek to our southwest.


Deborah Danilow, President, PDC HOA BOD

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