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This has been a very busy week. The new pool fans and lights are finally complete and installed. They look wonderful and the lights are more effective, updated and economical, not to mention safe. We plan to open the pool on June 13th. We had hoped for June 9th but our attorneys wanted us to wait until pool policies were actually filed of record at Tarrant County courthouse. With an actual legal team now working for the HOA, many things have come to light which
need to be done to protect and support our community’s value, safety and security. We are following their lead and cleaning up items which were not done timely or correctly to date. We are grateful to have a legal team which has spent time perusing and evaluating our governing documents to ensure clarification and correctness. We are heading in a good direction now.

We are waiting on bids for painting the outside of our clubhouse. We continue to work toward the new roof, new gutters and updates. The pool bathrooms will be painted, mold issues corrected, stalls and counters updated and repaired, and old dilapidated toilet seats replaced and commodes tightened and secured to the ground. We will be installing blow hand dryers as well to eliminate towel waste, expense and clean up. The shower heads at the pool pump room must be replaced, and we still have to replace a water heater and bring another one up to code. This work will continue at times and on days which do not affect the member’s enjoyment of the pool.

The secretary and I and the manager spent four hours at the clubhouse on Thursday. We met with the repair bid companies, and we met with our new pool guard who will begin the day the pool opens. We do not have lifeguards at the pool this year but the pool guard has lifesaving training and will be available to help people at the pool.

We also hired a new porter service and the pool area is now actually very clean. The baby pool is clean and we will continue to bid heating that area as we have time.

Pest control is being secured again and we have given the bunny family in the storage room time to move babies out before we clean that area! Maintenance of pool room and clean out will continue as well.

We met with a City of Fort Worth representative on Thursday as well. We discussed the issue of the HOA having all expense for maintaining the pond area which we learned actually belongs to the city. We have explained we will work with the city to keep it sightly and beautiful but in lieu of having it deeded back to the HOA, the city will have to help in the expense of maintenance of that floodway easement. We are currently incurring up to $2000 per month in maintenance for that area. We will continue to work on that situation to resolve the problems and the financial burden of the ponds.

We also made plans for a community fair. We intend to invite District 6 councilman, department heads for the Fort Worth Police Department, code compliance, parks and recreation representatives and also crime prevention specialists. Plans for the fair will be targeted in July at the Chisholm Trail Community Center, only 4.5 miles from our community. It is available at no cost to us and we will most likely begin utilizing this space for annual meetings as well, as we were paying the school $1000 for one meeting night and we had problems with the PA system each time. It is a beautiful new building and many of the other HOAs in our district are doing the same. Dates will be firmed up according to city representative’s availability.

We have called a special session of the board for Monday to review and implement needed clarification on our documents per our legal teams’ recommendations. All members have been invited to attend via telephone conference at 7pm. Call in number has been provided on our community website and through email to all members of the HOA. Next week, they will be drafting additional clarification documents which will be provided to members for online voting. We are awaiting that information and those documents now. As soon as we have it, it will be available to the members.

I look forward to a good attendance turnout for the July board meeting and hopefully for the community fair. This will be a wonderful opportunity to speak with our city district representatives about concerns in our community and to be brought up to speed on what is happening around us. It will also be an opportunity to network with other community leaders and HOAs in our vicinity and to connect with them to assist us in our goals.

REMEMBER we will be asking for committee volunteer involvement. If you can give of yourself and your time to help your community be its best, please consider signing up to volunteer. As you know, all of the board members are volunteer positions. It is time consuming and does not involve pay but it is a worthwhile cause and the payoff is a beautiful connected positive community wherein we are happy to live and connect, and a feeling of accomplishment knowing we are ensuring our investments and our property values.

Deborah Danilow, President, PDC HOA BOD

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