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We were sad to have to postpone our Town Hall Meeting today. All of the rain has delayed the roof repairs and we are unable to acquire some of the new lighting fixtures until Monday evening. They have been ordered and must be sent from warehouse; this saved us considerable money so in the long run is worth it. Additionally, two board members and management had conflicting scheduling come up at the last minute so we had no choice. It is sometimes a challenge to get everyone together at the same time but we will press on in the hopes of scheduling it again soon.

We are still awaiting the legal policies from our attorney’s office as well and that should be in place prior to pool opening. We are still shooting for Friday morning June 9 as opening day at the pool. The new monitors have confirmed their availability and we have repairs scheduled to be complete by that date. Remember we mentioned the old monitor was doubling their fee to monitor our pool because of ‘rough neighborhood’. This continues to be a concern as we are hearing it from others as well. We were paying an additional $1000/per month to FSR as well because of problems in this neighborhood. This has to stop. As mentioned before, there will be ‘ongoing repairs’ at the clubhouse and pool on Mondays (maintenance day) as we still have to paint the bathrooms, repair ceilings, replace the water fountain and make changes to the kiddie pool. We will do all of these ongoing repairs, and others, in a way not to disturb the community’s enjoyment time at the pool.

I am concerned homeowners are not using our website to gather information on our community. We have provided as much information as we have in an effort to keep everyone in the know. Please spread the word as this is the place to find the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, Architectural Modification Requests, Clubhouse Reservation Forms, Information on meetings, past approved board minutes, and all up-to-date information as we have it to give. It should answer any questions people have and help to keep everyone informed. Please encourage your neighbors to find it. Misinformation seems to abound in our neighborhood and the best we can do is provide correct communication to keep our community on the same page and moving in a positive direction.

REMEMBER social media sites such as Facebook and Next Door ARE NOT APPROVED PARKS OF DEER CREEK sites and you are likely to encounter misinformation unrelated to actual truth. The management company DOES NOT RESPOND NOR MONITOR THESE SITES and will not ever do so. To receive up to date information and knowledge, PLEASE VISIT THE APPROVED PARKS OF DEER CREEK WEBSITE: Once there, you may log in to see news and updates and board blogs and other pertinent information for our community.

As we mentioned at the board meeting, we learned last month Parks of Deer Creek does not actually own the ponds on the north end of the community. Yet we were contracted to care for all of it (at a cost of $12,000+ per year) by First Service Residential. This contract was not signed by a board member, only by a FSR representative. We were astounded to learn this as we all believed we owned that area. So we have been paying for the upkeep of city ‘floodway easements’ for many years. We will be working with our HOA attorneys moving forward to determine if we can deed it back to the community or whether to let go of the upkeep and let the City of Fort Worth pay that upkeep cost. We will let you know more as we know it. We learned June 1st that Lumberman’s Corporation apparently deeded that over to the City of Fort Worth at the time they filed our Declaration of Covenants in 1999. Deed changes are reflected in the Tarrant Appraisal District as of January 31, 2000. That was news to all of us and we were quite shocked. More will be revealed.

In all fairness, we have had at least seven years of bad management so we are grateful to have a company actually implementing our CCRs and actually uncovering the hidden problems within our community for the first time in a very long time. It may take time but we believe we can raise our property value to meet the current standard. Our community has fallen behind but together we can make it better. We encourage everyone to come to board meetings and become knowledgeable about what is actually happening, and what has happened, and to join committees to help us make our community the best we can be and to create an environment where people are proud to live and own property. We hope to quell the negativity which has taken over in our community and begin a NEW POSITIVE RESPECTFUL DIRECTION based on the established protocol for our neighborhood.

Deborah Danilow, President, PDC HOA BOD

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