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Another very busy week. I want to thank those on the board going the ‘extra mile’ as these volunteer positions have turned into forty hour/week positions with overtime, all without pay. We press on however with the goal of making our neighborhood the best we can in the next year!!

The week started with meetings again. We have learned (the hard way) contracting with one company for a half dozen services does NOT work. In fact, nothing gets done very well. Therefore, as time consuming as it is to rectify, we have set about to qualify each company who is working for the HOA to ensure they are doing the one job we hire them to do – correctly and well.

Monday we interviewed two more pool companies for pool maintenance. Then we met with more landscapers to identify and correct the landscape problems we are still facing. We told the company we hired in April we were adamant we wanted to forego annuals (very very costly to install and maintain not to mention high watering bills for them) and put in perennials which bloom, in line with the new Texas landscape guidelines for drought resistant, heat hardy plants which look good all year and resist disease. They did nothing, of course, and we watched as the annuals in place died a slow painful death. We also couldn’t understand why the median grass was browning. Further investigation confirmed the landscape company hired in April had turned off malfunctioning sprinklers and never bothered to fix them and turn them back on. Only one of the myriad of issues we have faced down this week.

Monday we meet with a lawn and sprinkler company to rectify that problem. We have more bids coming to rectify the landscape problem. Myself and another board member spent two hours yesterday with a landscaper observing what is years and years of NO maintenance gone bad. Our border at the entrance is no longer visible and plants have never been pruned. Dirt was piled in on top of our beautiful stone borders and fire ants and snake beds are everywhere. We are working on it but we continue to be amazed at what ten years plus of no correct maintenance have wrought. It is fixable.

We also discovered a massive leak to the north of the pool house. The water standing on that side of the shrub line has algae in it so apparently no one has bothered to report the problem; they just keep mowing over it. We had noticed water on the floor of the pool room and were already investigating so it appears it may be an underground leak. Landscape metal border edging has aged and in many places appears like a rusty saw with edge up. I am amazed no one has been hurt. We may have to pull out the bad edging and address when we are finished with the clubhouse and pool renovations currently underway. Our list continues to grow.

We also discovered at least twenty plus fire ant massive mounds inside the playground and sprinkler controls missing covers. All of these are safety issues which we will address immediately.

Tuesday found me and two board members at the clubhouse another four hours as we had problems with pool cards not working correctly. We were finally able to get someone from the technical department of our management company to come out and help. The company who handles our card functions (Door King) doesn’t answer calls timely and are hard to contact. This is yet another problem. The tech employee was able to find malfunctioning input in the computer system and correct it and was

able to repair cards which were previously dead. That helped tremendously. He also did some more prep work for the security cameras being installed inside and outside the clubhouse and around pool. We have had two instances of people jumping the fence and entering the pool off hours. Police have been alerted and we do not believe these people live here. We continue to monitor that situation and are working on it as well.

We continue to wait on the insurance for the roof for the clubhouse and pool house. It is exasperating it is taking so long as the roof shows daylight when viewed from the bathrooms so it is a major issue and is the first item on our very long list of repairs and problems to be solved.

We have a date for the city and community meeting at the Chisholm Trail Community Center July 27th. More will be shared on that in the coming weeks. We will have all city representatives present and encourage the community to attend in number! This is our opportunity to discuss problems we have in our community and how to solve them and ask questions of the city with regard to all of it.

This week, three board members, management and three city employees met on site for four hours to walk the pond area and McPherson and discuss the forward plan for these areas. As mentioned before, the HOA has learned we do not own any of this area although we have been maintaining it for fifteen years (at a very costly rate). We are partnering with the city to keep it beautiful but allow the city to do their part in caring for the land they own. They will do the mowing but we will continue to monitor the fountains and the sprinkler systems and make sure it stays green. We will receive the agreement for legal in the coming weeks. This will help us tremendously as our finances have been pouring down a hole without discernment for a long time. In all fairness, apparently no one knew we didn’t own it?

Of course, doing the walk, we also learned that the controls for all of the sprinkler systems are outdated, outworn and poorly maintained. We were surprised they worked at all. This will also be added to the long list of items to be repaired or replaced ASAP. This is more evidence nothing in our community was really maintained over the years. We will address it.

I and two board members spent three hours walking the common trail behind the community to the west with a fencing specialist this week. We continue at the drawing table to incorporate adding the iron fencing to our common area walking trails in the rear. This will include gate access at access points in the neighborhood utilized by card access. This was discussed in our city meeting as well. It is a matter of time before McPherson is opened to massive traffic as a major thoroughfare to Chisholm Trail. Once this occurs, our vulnerability will be increased and we already have concerned homeowners which have been subjected to break-ins off the trail area before. We want to ensure our residents have protection and as much security as possible in preparation for these changes. Additionally, we are in hopes it will stop the problems of four wheelers violating our ‘no motorized vehicles’ rule at the back of the property which has become a problem for so many homeowners in that area. These vehicles are actually destroying property.

We also were able to connect storm water city representatives with homeowners at the southwest end of the community to correct drainage problems which have surfaced from all of the rain. The city is now working to remedy that as well. Very good news for those homeowners.

Most of us have received our dues statements in the mail by now. You will be able to go online July 1st and log in to your account and pay your dues online. They will not show up on your account until July 1st. or (like on our marquee) Deborah Danilow, President, PDC HOA BOD

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