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It has been a busy time for the Board of Directors working with new management and renovating the amenities center and getting the pool opened for summer. As usual, there have been hiccups. Goodwin Harrison is a great company with whom we appear to have a good rapport and things are gradually getting ironed out.

Unfortunately, since Classic quit, we have come across many many problems created by them as a result of their not communicating with the Board of Directors, or our legal team. We have since learned their two top executives left Classic (two week after they quit PDC) because of inner turmoil and chaos and we have now seen how their problems bled out on our community without our full knowledge. Day by day, we uncover more things which were done by Classic outside of our knowledge and outside of our approval. Our legal department is sorting through the carnage.

Goodwin Harrison is also working closely with our legal department to solve any and all of these issues and we encourage you, if you have any problems, to reach out to Jared Lacy, our community Manager, to help sort it through. The miscommunication was massive and they were not following any protocol and sometimes not following our documents either. Files which were supposedly sent to legal never were sent, and many boxes of our details conveniently disappeared. We learned the manager put on our community was not trained and the internal problems were bigger than we knew. We are taking legal steps to correct everything one step at a time. We felt we should make our community aware of yet another mountain we are climbing. We are committed to a better community, however, and applaud everyone who has supported us and continues to do so. We are in good hands now.

By now, most of you have received your new amenities card. If you have not, please contact Jared Lacy, 214 445 2726 to acquire the new one. The card will allow you access to the playground and will also allow access to the pool. The playground equipment is being repaired, new kiddie cushion installed and the cable repaired on the awning. We had a lot of vandalism in that area which led to our closing it off for safety and due to the many complaints received by homeowners on West Clover Park of after hours problems. 

The pool admission rules will be sent via EBlast for everyone’s consideration and understanding soon as we seem to have people who do not understand how to access the pool.

Pool hours are 11am – 8pm Tuesday through Thursday; 11am – 9pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The pool is closed on Mondays for chemical balancing and cleaning.

Pool rules are posted at the pool in several places.

Board meetings are held the third Thursday of each month.  Open session begins at 6:30 pm.

Questions about violations or other concerns should be addressed to management; privacy laws forbid the discussion of individual homeowner’s violations  in open meetings.

Have a great summer from your Board of Directors of Parks of Deer Creek HOA INC.

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