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Another massively busy week for the board and management and legal team.

The board moved forward with the recommended clarification of documents by our legal team for the HOA. It is so nice to have someone actually on board studying our governing documents and making recommendations to clarify how to keep our community safe and valuable.

There is a special meeting called for July 7 at the clubhouse for the membership to vote on the changes to the governing documents which clarify and make clear the process for leasing properties in our neighborhood. As you may have noticed, many of these homes have multiple violations and the ownership has been muddy. The legal team is cleaning up our Declaration to ensure the community can strengthen itself to protect its assets. It is for everyone’s highest and best and does not preclude tenants in our community from enjoying our amenities; contrary, it simply makes the landlords responsible to ensure the tenants are aware of our Declaration of Covenants and how it will affect them living here. Good for everyone.

Our regular board meeting will occur only six days later on July 13th. We hope to see people attend. It is so disheartening to hear of misinformed negative posts by people who never bother to come here for information, or to attend board meetings, much less to volunteer to help by joining a committee. Like my grandmother always said “those who complain the most usually do the least”. Still, we hope to engage people enough they will want to be ‘a part of’ rather than ‘apart from’.

The board met with another contractor this week to continue to gather bids to complete roof and painting outside clubhouse, including the bathrooms. We are awaiting bids on most everything: the blow hand dryers, the upgraded counters and stalls, the painting, the replacement of vents, the roof and the problems from the leaks at the roof including the mold at roof. The water heaters are needing replacement and both are out of code, as are some other items we found. We are frustrated everything seems to take so long but we are working hard at staying patient and gathering all bids and required information. We are still awaiting the insurance company regarding the roof.

On a lighter note, the new fans and lights at the pool are beautiful!

We met with another pool company this week as well. We still have problems with the skimmers and the timers and the pool house is still not cleaned out as promised by our existing company. We just want to find contractors and groups who will do what they say they will do once we sign a contract with them. I don’t know why that seems to be such a challenge.

We are addressing landscaping questions as well which seem to be an ongoing process. We are still awaiting information on who is responsible for McPherson upkeep since it is a city owned street. In the meantime, we will continue to mow it and keep it up while in this process. We simply want to ensure the trash is picked up, the grass is beautiful, the weeds are no more, and the flowers are not left to fall over in the heat. Sounds simple but apparently is not so. We are working hard on that as well.

We opened the pool this week finally. All seemed to go well until Thursday when no one showed up from our security guard company to open on time. They told us it was confusion with their scheduling system. Ugh. I am glad I was told about it when I came in at 12:10pm for lunch. I immediately went over and opened the gate and called TIS and they sent a guard out. The rest of the day went well and the company came by to apologize to us for the snafu. I just want all of this ironed out to run smoothly. We all do. That is our goal. We believe we will get there.

Management noticed some of our playground equipment is also in need of repair/replacement. So we added another item to the burgeoning list of items. However, children’s safety is of paramount importance so we will address that asap.

Pool cards continue to be issued. If you have not received your card, or your card is not working, please contact management and let them know. Remember, you must be current on dues to use the pool. Additionally, you must live in the Parks of Deer Creek in order to use our pool. Management has received calls from other neighborhoods wanting pool cards. Your dues go to maintain the many expenses in our community, including the pool.

Please come here weekly to get updates on the many things going on in the community. PLEASE VOLUNTEER. GET INVOLVED. CARE. INVESTIGATE. HELP OUT.
Remember: “If you are not part of the solution, you may be part of the problem”. Deborah Danilow, President, PDC HOA BOD

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