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Yesterday I and another board member and the manager spent three hours at the pool with the insurance adjuster. Our clubhouse needs most things replaced. Looks like we will get a new roof

and new gutters (should have happened two years ago) and we can identify the leaks and bug

holes causing all the problems with the ceilings.

While at the pool, we were very disturbed by the uncleanliness of everything after just hiring Blue Water again for porter and pool service. Learning they had supposedly ‘cleaned’ on Tuesday evening, we found dead birds, bird poop, bugs and unkempt trash everywhere. We are looking for new service now. This is unacceptable.

We also found a 2X3 foot rat’s nest in a closet we were finally able to access where the out of code water heater is placed. Apparently, the teenagers from Barefoot last year packed it full

(dangerous) with all kinds of garbage so that is being cleaned out. One of our water heaters needs to be replaced and the other must be brought up to code.

We found the lights on in the pool without explanation and the skimmers were not turning after being repaired last week and were full of hundreds of bugs. But then we found a flooded pool storage room. Apparently, Blue Water also incorrectly adjusted (determined later in the day) a chlorinator and the water was pouring out everywhere. We don’t know how many days that went on.

We are looking into a solar heater for the baby pool and possibly a cover to deter the birds from going into that area.

The board has spent at least three to four hours a day working to straighten out this community and at least we have come so far we now have a legal team and a great management group. Years of neglect is showing and has taken a toll on our property value.

We finally located a monitoring company for the pool for the season. We are waiting for a time and day to meet with them to go over everything as soon as possible. Blue Water quoted us a very high bid telling us they have to pay much more to get anyone to work out here because we have such a ‘rough neighborhood’. That is not a nice thing to hear.

Our main focus continues to be getting the pool safe enough to open. We can do other repairs on Mondays when it is dark for general maintenance. That will include the new roof and gutters, clearing the storage closets and pool rooms and getting rid of stored junk, painting the

bathrooms after the ceiling repairs and the installation of the lights which fell, replacing the rusted vents, replacing the water fountain, the baby pool (mentioned below), updating some of our signs and securing acceptable porter service. We also plan to put in the blower hand dryers in the bathrooms to eliminate the paper towel expense and problems. Hopefully, the city will have the 2017 permit to us in time to post it for opening. We passed city inspection so we are awaiting the permit now (current permit is good to June 10th). We are hoping to open the pool on June 9th if nothing else happens unexpectedly! Once this is moving forward, we can move on to the many other things on our plate in the community.

Deborah Danilow, President , PDC HOA BOD
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