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This is a few days late for the week. We have had a lot on our plate. Last week we got a call from our pool company when checking the chemicals and doing maintenance, we had a huge leak in the pool. It took several days for the leak detection to determine we had six bad skimmers. We have patched them in the hopes of getting the pool open quickly and they will have to be replaced when season ends. We hope they will last patched through the summer.

Then while inspecting the bathrooms for season, the large overhead light in the men’s room had fallen to the ground. Investigation turned up a problem with the roof. Our former management group was supposed to have repaired the clubhouse roof but it appears they didn’t do the job correctly. The recent high winds blew the roof off again and revealed leaks and problems inside the clubhouse above the bathrooms. We have replaced some of the lights
and the others will be replaced on Tuesday of this week.

Additionally, our new pool company guard could not begin until Saturday, June 3rd. We expect everything will be in place by then to open the pool. Even if the roof is not complete (we are waiting now on the insurance adjuster), we will work around it and plan to do repairs or new roof on Monday when pool is dark for maintenance.

There are many items which needed replacement as nothing much has been done at the pool or clubhouse since it was built in 2001. The board has spent a great deal of personal time helping to do all we can to keep cost down and still be able to upgrade our property. There is more to come.

The grounds are looking better and we are still getting to know our new landscape group. They have been quick to respond to our complaints and concerns and are working hard to get the grounds in shape.

As you know, we have new legal representation for our community and they are working hard on legal parameters for the community. All new contracts must go through legal as well so sometimes that takes an extra day or two as well.

Our new management company has hit the ground hard and it is amazing to be working with a company who knows what they are doing and do the job. After at least six years of bad management, there has been a huge mess to clean up but they are working overtime to establish communication and support to make sure our investments are sound.

Deborah Danilow, President, PDC HOA BOD

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