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We had a nice turnout at the May 11 board meeting. This was our first meeting since February because of changes in management. As those who attended learned, we inherited a mess when elected last year.

We discovered massive problems with the existing management and through great effort, set about terminating them and hiring new management. Ross Management was hired beginning September 1st but after only three months, our concerns again began to be visible. This time, however, the board took the path of wisdom and finally hired legal representation for the HOA. This association had not had legal representation possibly since inception and was operating ‘through’ the management’s legal team which was not for our highest benefit. We now have our own legal representation who oversees all contracts and agreements prior to
their execution. Our legal team is not affiliated with our management company and is serving the HOA and not the management company.

Additionally, after our attorney severing Ross due to gross negligence, we hired Classic Property Management and for the first time in a long time, we are moving in the right direction. We finally have management who answers the phone and communicates with the community. There have been to date 597 violation letters sent to homeowners since Classic started April 15th. Of those, over 150 were cured by the time of the first board meeting. The best part is Classic answers their phones and assists homeowners in understanding our Declaration of Covenants, Rules and Restrictions in order they may help everyone comply without difficulty and stress.

Mission Statement: “The goal of the ACC is the guardianship of the property values of all members of the HOA to maintain a high level of taste and design standards within the Parks of Deer Creek community. The ACC shall use its best efforts to promote and ensure a high level of taste, design, quality, harmony and conformity throughout the Parks of Deer Creek.”

Classic is also addressing our massive delinquencies which are hovering around a half million dollars. We hope to be able to get this under control this year and bring our community back into the red. The dues are what pay to upkeep our community and our amenities and as you know, it costs money to keep things in good shape.

We are in the process of determining problems with the pool which surfaced Tuesday May 16th. We apparently have a massive leak and we hope to be able to locate and repair it to allow for the regular pool opening date of Monday, May 29 for Memorial Day. We will keep you

The new landscaping company is working to get the common grounds in shape and control weeds and overgrowth as well as align and maintain the sprinkler systems correctly.

We are also working on fencing our common areas to curtail problems which include unauthorized motor vehicles on our common grounds and walking trails.

Our first TOWN HALL MEETING will be June 4th from3pm – 5 pm at the clubhouse.
This is a time set aside for the community to meet and communicate and talk with the board about ongoing concerns in our community. It is very difficult to address everyone’s questions in the short time we can allow for Q&A after board meetings. It is already difficult covering the many executive tasks we face in the short hour we meet once a month. We are offering this time to rebuild our UNITY in the community. We need the participation of homeowners to help us accomplish goals. Our main objective is always to protect and preserve our property value and our homes are our greatest investments. Our neighborhood is one of a few who went ‘down in value’ last year while others in Tarrant County rose significantly. We must work together to bring our community back to the higher standard which will allow for added value again. We need to incorporate committees again and encourage everyone who is willing to help to come to the town hall meeting and engage and sign up for whatever area you feel you can help improve. Some examples would be: ACC committees, Pool committees, welcoming
committees, recreation committees, maintenance committees, and security patrol.

PLEASE ATTEND and bring neighbors and others to begin a positive new direction for our community.

Deborah Danilow, President, PDC HOA BOD

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