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Everything is finally moving forward with our new management group in a very positive way; it has been a long hard road but I believe we are making progress.  The clubhouse is almost complete and the new fence at the clubhouse and playground will be started soon.  Once the fence is complete, our playground equipment will be overhauled and repaired and a new cushion put into place.

Once the pool opens and the fence is up, we will begin plans for the basketball court inside the fence, and the soccer area.  We also plan to include cement picnic tables in the gated fenced area so families will be able to enjoy our facilities as a unit and children will have a safe place to play rather than playing in the street in the neighborhood, which is against the covenants and the city rules.

Spring is here and so we encourage you to get your yards in order and avoid violations for weeds or unkempt flower beds.  Please refer to the covenants regarding what is allowed and remember any change to the appearance of your home requires an architectural review application prior to starting the work.

We hope as spring arrives and the pool opens to see more people attending open meetings.  We also hope to include a town hall twice each year to allow people a meet and greet and provide opportunities for community input.

Our legal team has been helping us to deny the recent zoning requests around us to the north and the east for industrial zoning.  We are concerned such a change will bring more semi trucks and air pollution to our neighborhood.  We already have traffic issues.

We continue to watch the McPherson Bridge knowing eventually McPherson will be opened to the west as it is referred to as a ‘community connector’ in the city transportation plan map.  It is a matter of time before this begins.  We hope to complete our clubhouse area and Family Park and begin working toward fencing our walking paths in anticipation of that change in the near future.

 We requested a traffic count last fall for McPherson and Deer Trail.  The results were odd but we are continuing to push on the city to install a four way stop at that corner.  We need to stop the traffic running up and down McPherson which causes a traffic danger.  Completion of the north and south east corners landscaping continues now the stones have been sealed.

The CFW Police Department is putting up signs which state NO PARKING along McPherson but it will most likely be summer to fall before we see them go up.  The city moves slowly.  If you see semi trucks parking in the neighborhood or on McPherson, call the non-emergency police number and report them.  That is not allowed in single family communities.

Remember, all of the board blogs are posted on our website: or  Payments for your dues must be made through Goodwin Harrison’s site but all other information is on our website.  Updates, board blogs and governing documents are all found there.  ACC request forms or pool card requests must go through our community manager, Jared Lacy.  Jared’s information is: 214-445-2726.

Thanks so much.

Deborah Danilow, President, PDC HOA BOD

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