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We are actually making progress now! After two years of difficulty and confusion, we finally have a manager in place with the experience needed for our community and the availability to do the job. Jared Lacy is now on site two full days per week as well which should help a lot.

Pool season is coming. Watch your mail for information on dates to get your new access card at the clubhouse this year onsite.  You will turn in your old card and pick up your new card at the date determined in the letter for your street.  If you miss your ‘day’ you will have to drive all the way to Richardson to get the card.  So don’t miss the letter and the date!!

Work will commence on the new fencing for our playground and clubhouse area soon. We are very excited as this will secure our community private property and eliminate the vandalism which we have seen rise this year.  This also allows us to move forward on a community basketball goal and a soccer area for PDC children to use.  We are also planning heavy picnic tables in the enclosed area for family days in the park.

Thanks to the many homeowners who have contacted us to say how beautiful our entrance looks now with the new lighting in place.  The corners at Deer Trail and McPherson should be completed in the spring tying our community together in a beautiful way and setting it apart as a wonderful neighborhood in which to live.

Spring has arrived.  Time ‘springs forward’ this month and we are reminding you to tend the weeds in your yard and your landscaping.  A beautiful community adds value to our lives and our assets.


The Parks of Deer Creek HOA INC Board of Directors

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