In case of emergency call 911

This transition has been a bit slow which is somewhat disappointing.  We had hoped to retain momentum and communication.  Our website is still not transferred correctly and the violations drive group is taking longer than we hoped to get the drives correctly in place according to our governing documents.  But we are working on it and hope it will sort out soon.

Homeowners are still paying Classic Property Management and it is three months since they were our management group.  We have learned a lot (we wish we did not know) about HOA management.  Having said that, however, we think we have a good group now.  We just need to find patience to get through doing it all over for the third time.  It is hard on us as we are volunteers and not paid for our time and energy, and we are still spending forty hour weeks trying to straighten out this community.  As stated before, seven to eight years of no collections or enforcement or maintenance left us on the brink of ruin.  We had to crawl out of a very deep hole but we are getting there.

It is disheartening homeowners still are not utilizing the website (it is still operative and available for information) to find the board communication blogs and all of the other necessary information regarding community business.  There is a place to address management, address the board, or just look over prior minutes.  Architectural Request applications and Clubhouse Reservation forms are found there as well.  The clubhouse should be available for rental again this spring.  It is almost complete now.

We continue to reiterate social media sites such as Facebook or Next Door are NOT approved sites and are not monitored by legal, management or the board of directors.  Repeatedly, social media proves to be a source of false information, rumor and innuendo.  It is frowned upon by the City of Fort Worth police department also as a source of information.  If you see criminal activity occurring, please CALL 911 !

Fencing of the playground and clubhouse area hopefully will commence next month.  After that is complete, we will be upgrading the playground equipment and signage.  Plans to include a basketball court (finally) and a soccer area are included in this revamping of our private resource homeowner area.

Please try to attend board meetings to keep up with news.

Thanks so much.

The Parks of Deer Creek HOA INC
Board of Directors

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