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Beautification continues. The clubhouse kitchen renovation is finally complete. The windows with broken seals and breaks are being replaced next and the attic floored with lighting for storage of Christmas decorations and other items which previous management companies were spending money to store in facilities off site.

The pool house is finally renovated and cleaned out and new vents installed. The new door complete with vents goes in next. Finishing touches are being applied to everything now as we turn our attention to the playground and clubhouse fencing.

The added signage is ongoing. The signs are in the ground and next the contractor begins the framing with the rock/stone/brick accents to make them attractive. The ground will be renovated as well to tie in the harmony of the corners to the opposite corners with the new river rock. It is a process but the end result will be quite beautiful.

As we approach the holidays, we must announce to the community Classic Property Management has quit. We realize our property comes with tremendous challenges, having heard from many before them we must pay triple to get anyone to work in this community. We choose to forge ahead and believe in rebuilding with our best foot forward. We have a great new company on board now, and with this change has come another opportunity to save money for our community. We have now shaved off over $13,000 per month from our spending while improving our assets and building our community standards. More information about the new management group will be forthcoming in your mail. Please watch for it.

Of course, with this change, will come more change for the board as well. We will have to work to make sure all of the work on our new website moves with us. We are committed to improvement in our property value and community involvement in a positive way. We hope we continue to see the negativity in this neighborhood fall lower and lower and find people willing to be a part of something greater than themselves rather than just complaining on social media and never showing up for duty in any way. We do have good people in this community. We are hearing from more and more of them every day applauding the effort we are making and the progress which is obviously showing.

We are seeing some financial progress as well as our legal team works to clean up old unpaid assessments which had grown to almost a half million dollars here. That is slowly being turned around to put us in the black after a very long time. Five to eight years of no collections, no maintenance and no oversight left us in a very bad position but little by little, we are gaining ground. We refuse to allow the negative dark undercurrent to take our community from us.

There are good things coming soon. We have plans for a soccer area and basketball area. Work continues on projects begun but far from completion. By spring, 2018, Parks of Deer Creek will be a sought after destination for single family homeowners with private access areas for families to enjoy!

Wash out critical voices from those who have no desire to comply, maintain currency or participate in a brighter future. Join those of us who have made a decision to use our energy to better our community and come together again to be proud of where we live and play.

Please come to the annual meeting December 7th to stay up to date on what is happening in our community. Sign up for committees. Care. Get involved. Participate. Get to know your neighbors.

It is a special time of the year with the holidays upon us. Enjoy your families. Find peace where you live and work. Have a wonderful holiday month!

Deborah Danilow President, PDC HOA BOD

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