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As we write this, Classic performs their last week’s functions at our community and we look ahead to a great new relationship with Goodwin Harrison beginning December 1, 2017. Our meetings have been productive and exciting!

I am happy to reiterate Linda Razzano’s note to the community below to help the community understand how much they enjoyed working with us during the six months they were here. Due to internal changes at Classic and a reduction of available managers, and the continuance of large numbers of violations of governing documents in our community, it became impossible for them to provide the personnel and man hours needed to cope with our needs. We part ways with amicable respect and understanding and thank Classic for the amazing ‘reorganization’ they did help us to acquire during their tenure here. They came on board a community with no visible enforcement for a number of years which would have been an extreme challenge for any management company and they did a great job for as long as they had the personnel to meet the need. The transition to Goodwin Harrison has been successful and smooth and we expect a successful relationship run with them, as their company has the personnel base and staff to accommodate a community as large as ours.


“The Board and management partnered to attack years of unattended items. I can honestly say that you have one of the hardest working boards I have ever met. They were devoting 20, 30, sometimes more than 40 hours a week personally, without pay, to the community, and they did this for months on end. We handled the aged accounts, covenant enforcement, and other duties, while they took on the improvements to the pool, clubhouse, landscaping, and common areas. They were absolutely amazing and tireless in their efforts.

Ultimately, we decided to part ways with Parks of Deer Creek because the amount of hours being dedicated to the community were more than the management contract. It was purely a business decision and is not a reflection on the Board or the community. We have enjoyed being a part of the community and doing our best to help get it on the right path. We are working closely with the new management company to ensure a smooth transition. Both Classic, and your new management company, Goodwin-Harrison, are committed to ensuring that the momentum made during our time with your community is not lost. We are transferring all the files and history to them so that they can continue where we left off.

You have a great community and an outstanding Board. Please do what you can to help them and support them. They typically only hear the negative, despite countless hours of personal sacrifice on their part. Please let them know that they are making a difference.”

We continue to receive support from the community regarding the visible changes and upgrades to the Parks of Deer Creek. As a rule, the only negativity we hear now is from homeowners who do not want to follow the rules of our governing documents. Invariably, these homeowners want to blame one or more board members rather than acquaint themselves with the CCRs and work within them. The board does not make the rules. The rules were written and filed of record in 1999. When one purchases a home in an HOA, the Covenants, Rules and Regulations are the governing law of the land and therefore, must be followed. It is wise to acquaint yourself with your governing documents and follow the instructions therein for changes to your home in order to maintain the uniformity required in our community which equates to retention and escalation of property value. That is the purpose of the CCRs. The rules and regulations have no bias or prejudice. They are simply written to maintain harmony and value for every homeowner in the association.

Last week, we received a report of vandalism and there was some concern it might have had a racial motivation. While we have no proof of such, we are concerned and careful to ensure everyone in our community can live in harmony and peace without prejudice. Since that report, we have learned the vandalism was all over the park and back trails as well as near the curb of the home involved. We cannot rule out the possibility of vandalism by teens. The city has cleaned up the graffiti at the park and we have cleaned up the school walls and the trail. It is possible this is just misguided destructive activity by children but please make an effort to REPORT VANDALISM of any kind to the POLICE DEPARTMENT.

The annual meeting is coming up on December 7th at the Chisholm Trail Community Center. Your notice of same was mailed to your address of record. The Parks of Deer Creek attorney will be present at the annual meeting to answer questions and concerns and clarify any confusion you may have about the community. Please make every effort to attend and support your neighborhood. This is the best time and place to identify misconceptions and understand the facts of your homeowners association.

Be on the lookout for the new Welcome packet from Goodwin Harrison early December. This will contain all information on how to contact management and what to expect going forward.

Thanks again to the many homeowners who have written us and thanked us for everything! Happy Holidays from the Board of Directors, Parks of Deer Creek Homeowners Association!

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