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Our community continues to grow stronger and be more beautiful and safe.

More LED lighting has been added to the playground area which will soon be lit up like a football field at night. Our security cameras will also be set on this location to avoid past problems with crime. Playground repairs are coming as well as a perimeter security fence.

Graffiti on the school’s south fence wall has been successfully removed. Added security police patrols are being made on a regular basis through this area. Remember the age limit for playground equipment is TWELVE YEARS. Please make sure you respect this rule as the equipment is designed for children only, not adults.

Problems with semi-trucks and trailers parking on McPherson are finally being addressed. The City of Fort Worth Police Department ticketed illegal parking in that area this week. This will continue.

We are waiting for the investigative report from the City of Fort Worth which we ordered months ago to address our request for a four way stop at McPherson and Deer Trail. That investigation will include signs regarding illegal parking on McPherson as well as signs stating it is a dead end with no through traffic. We hope to see an end to the speeding vehicles up and down McPherson which pose a safety issue for our community in many ways. The City is finally taking notice of our needs. It is a process and we must continue our diligence to achieve more success like recent successes we have celebrated regarding the mowing and clean up of city land areas.

The next board meeting will be November 9, 2017 at our PDC clubhouse.

The ANNUAL meeting will be held on December 7, 2017 this year at the Chisholm Trail Community Center which is only four miles from our community and provides a wonderful meeting room with effective seating and sound control, unlike the expensive problematic previous meetings we have held at the elementary school. Please make an effort to attend and watch your email for more information. If you are not signed up on the community website yet, please do so to stay ‘IN THE KNOW’ about activities and other important information: or (noted at the top of our entrance marquee).

Many homeowners have lost trees in the past few years at Parks of Deer Creek. Some only live ten to fifteen years and many of these are being lost in homes built around 2001-2003 so it is a natural process. Others may have had diseases or been struck by lightning, or other of the many things which can happen in the changing and variable Texas weather. Remember, if you have a tree ring on your property and you lose a tree, you must replace it with another tree. Doing so will require having the dead tree stump chipped out professionally or dug out and removed professionally. The soil can then be cured and set for another tree to be planted, or you may remove the tree ring and allow the grass to grow over that area and later place another tree at another approved location in your yard. Established trees can have annuals placed around the bottom of them as decoration but tree rings must be

identified for trees. You may submit an ACC request to plant a tree which does not have a tree ring as well.

Garage art has become a trend in the neighborhood and the ACC committee has approved a number of them in the community. Please follow the guidelines included in the kit to ensure you place the art in such a way on your garage to be uniform with the others in the community, thereby guaranteeing approval.

The holidays have arrived for the fall. Remember, our governing documents allow decorations to be put up on your property four weeks (28 days) in advance of the holiday. The decorations must be taken down two weeks (14 days) after the holiday to avoid being fined. You do not need an ACC approval to put up holiday decorations but the time frames for such must be followed according to the documents.

Remember, according to the governing documents of the community:

“Any and all plans for altering of the landscaping of front yards not enclosed by solid fencing shall be submitted to the ACC. The ACC will consider items such as plantings of trees or landscaping, size of trees or landscaping at maturity, among other things. The ACC may impose additional maintenance requirements depending on the types and size of trees and other landscaping.

Any planned decorative appurtenances such as sculptures, elaborate birdbaths, fountains or other decorative embellishments ‘shall be generally expressive of the community’s character’ and must be submitted to the ACC and approved before placement on front lawns, porches, sidewalks, or elsewhere where visible from the street in front of the house.

If an ACC review perceives that the appearance of a private yard detracts from the overall appearance of the property, the ACC may limit colors, numbers, sizes, or types of furnishings, plantings and other items kept in the private yard. A private yard may not be used for storage.”

Look for upcoming volunteer meetings and try to attend to get involved in the many needed committees of the community identified in our governing documents. We want to find the warmth and connection this community exhibited for the first five to eight years of its inception, not just a place to come home to but a place to enjoy living, and a place where you know your neighbors again!

Watch for a team meeting coming up soon for members of the volunteer committees and identified training dates for ACC, Code Rangers and Code Blue committees. Refreshments will be provided.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween evening. Remember to slow down in our community where small children may be trick or treating.

Deborah Danilow President, PDC HOA BOD

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