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Lots of great new changes in our community this past week.

First GOOD NEWS! The City of Fort Worth has FINALLY taken over the mowing, trimming and weed- eating of the CITY PROPERTY which includes the MEDIANS from I-35 to the railroad tracks and the city park, where the ponds are at Deer Lake.

On October 4th, the clean up team arrived to begin fishing the trash from the ponds and began the mowing at the park area. We look forward to the forestry department getting the many trees trimmed and cleaned up soon and the renewed involvement of the City helping us to get these areas cleaned up, monitored by police and lighting in the areas which are dark. We have finally begun the forward journey to a safer better park in our community.

On October 10th, the mowers and trimmers have arrived to clean up McPherson. This is a HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT for our community. Our HOA has been paying for all of this mowing on city property for years at the expense of $3000+ per month. We have now FINALLY achieved victory knowing the City is now caring for city property and we are allocating our funds toward the maintenance and improvement of our own community.

Fort Worth Sprinkler is moving the sprinkler heads at the west corners of Deer Trail and McPherson in the next few days and the day lilies and pansies will go in on those corners to beautify our community for the community garage sale this weekend.

Removal of the overgrown boxwoods thwarting the growth of the oleanders at the clubhouse parking lot and preventing people from using the end parking spaces has begun. It looks much better already.

Per our legal team’s advice, we have posted the No Soliciting/No Trespassing signs at our entrance. We now have the capability to call Fort Worth Police to eliminate solicitation in our neighborhood as trespassing. Thanks to the many homeowners who have called and emailed thanking us for the signs. These have proven successful in the many communities wherein they are posted in Tarrant County and we expect them to help us as well. There is no question solicitation can lead to crimes.

We are moving forward to identify our community as separate from Deer Creek North in the coming month as many circumstances have led us to realize the need for such. Persons living in the community to our north do not pay dues to our community but many have been misled to believe they are a part of Parks of Deer Creek HOA. We will be doing our best to separate ourselves but hope to collectively work with their board to further safety and address crime and other problems in the shared area.

The community garage sale will be this weekend October 14th and 15th. We currently have nineteen homeowners signed up to participate; all of them have acquired city permits as required. Advertising will begin this week for the community sale. Hours are 8am-5pm Saturday and 8am-1pm Sunday.

The graffiti on the south wall of Poynter Elementary School has been reported and is expected to be cleaned up no later than end of day Wednesday October 11th.

In addition to the $36,000-40,000/year we have saved by ceasing to mow city property, we are on track to save another $14,000+/year eliminating the unnecessary watering of city property. These are huge savings for this community and substantial progress for the board’s efforts. We hope to see our dues and assessments begin to move toward a status of being in the black after many, many years of unpaid dues and assessments by close to one-half of the community, without focus by previous boards and management to collect them.

Our contractors are still working towards the additional LED lighting in the darker areas of the playground. The playground equipment is getting an overhaul as well.

We are almost finished with the renovation of the clubhouse. The new counter and backsplash goes in this week and we await the repair of the fireplace. It is very beautiful and a place we can be proud to call our own now.

The pool is closed for the winter. Cooler weather is finally here.
The next board meeting is Thursday October 12, 2017. The open session starts at 7:30p.m. We hope to see you there.

Deborah Danilow
President, Parks of Deer Creek Homeowners Association Board of Directors

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