The BOD is in hopes this blog is being posted timely.  This is the second blog written in January and we lost momentum with communication when the website did not transfer smoothly to our new management group.  It is our understanding they are working through the issue but we hold hope it will be up and running shortly.

By now, you have received notice of the RECONVENE of the annual meeting (to be held December of each year per our governing documents) because the first meeting December 7th did not meet quorum.  As previously stated, if you cannot attend, please return proxies.  Without quorum met, annual business cannot be completed. As repeated from the January 1st blog, quorum requirements have not been met in this community for some number of years, creating a need for quorum amendment.  Our attorney is working on this now.

All regular PDC board meetings are held at our community clubhouse.  The annual meeting may not be held on property because the Certificate of Occupancy has a small limited number at our clubhouse.  The annual meeting must be able to accommodate more than fifty people.  Checking with all available venues in our five mile radius, most venues charge $650-$1000 for two hours.  Poynter Elementary charged PDC $1000 for the two hour annual meeting.  Chisholm Trail Community Center charges only $60 per hour and has capacity for sound, overhead projection, set up, tables and food.  It is less than four miles from our neighborhood.  Travel Risinger to meet McPherson at Summer Creek for a quick and convenient route.

The entrance is now complete with lighting, as is the marquee sign.  Work continues on the signs to get them bricked and rocked to match our entrance.   This seems to be a trend.  We counted four new signs just like the ones we installed, at communities in Fort Worth this week.

 We are happy to report the city has finally complied with our request to monitor traffic count at the Deer Trail and McPherson corner.  We have worked toward this request for a four way stop for an entire year now with constant follow up and focus on this area.  It has taken a lot of effort and perseverance but we should have that report in the next month or two.  Hopefully, the count will allow for the installation of the four way stop we want to see installed.

We are hopeful the final renovations for the clubhouse will begin soon.  We have them scheduled.  We have also turned our attention to a private security patrol for our community.  The city of Fort Worth does not have enough feet on the ground to timely answer calls from our community, and code compliance is all but gone dark.  We are making every effort to ensure the safety and security of our homeowners and their families.  Code Blue, although offered, has had very few homeowners sign up – only two people, out of 858 homes.  That is rather disappointing.  After the changes made last year, with new management, collections activity, renovations and maintenance, we will be able to add private security and still be far under the monthly budget being spent when we came into office.  We will now be able to build our reserves to become a financially solvent community at last.

Interested in forming a committee? Please contact Jared Lacy and set up a meeting with the board to move forward!!

Thank you.

The Board of Directors of Parks of Deer Creek Homeowners Association, Inc.


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