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HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Board of Directors of Parks of Deer Creek.  We are looking forward to another progressive successful year for our community.

2017 was a year of challenge but great change and ultimately, a year of many accomplishments which included:

Transition to another management company – Goodwin Harrison; the board is pleased to announce with each new change we have lowered our management fee costs yet again discovering our commitment to positive change continues as we move forward with what we hope to be a good management fit for 2018.  Classic did a great job helping us organize the chaotic mess we inherited giving us a cleaner and more organized start for the new year with Goodwin Harrison.  Records are still being transferred.

An 85% renovation completion for our clubhouse, poolhouse and playground area.  While we have yet but a few more completion projects underway, we expect the beautiful new clubhouse and playground to be available for use by the community in the early spring of 2018.

Seeking security patrols in the new year, we are committed to enhancing the comfort and security of our homeowners by the use of private security in 2018. 

Successfully we are seeing very few commercial vehicles using our streets for parking which is a huge improvement over the past few years.

Solicitation has all but ceased.  This in itself is a huge accomplishment.

We will be reconvening the annual meeting in late January or in February as we did not have the necessary quorum for the annual meeting December 7th.  This has been an ongoing problem for a number of years in Parks of Deer Creek due to low homeowner turnout and involvement.  During our elections, there was a second meeting called for the same reason in order to acquire the necessary quorum needed per our governing documents.  As our PDC ATTORNEY explained at the annual meeting, we will be presenting an amendment to the community in the hopes of lowering quorum requirements going forward in order that business may be successfully conducted in the future without such delays and challenges.  If you are not able to attend the meetings physically, you are encouraged to return the proxies by mail to help the community meet the required quorum.  Quorum is determined in our governing documents.

As discussed in the November board meeting, the dues were voted to increase at the beginning of 2018.   While we have shaved thousands of dollars off our budget in 2017 which was being spent outside our community, unfortunately, no one had bothered to maintain our assets for many years.  As discussed in board blogs written to keep everyone informed, we were besieged with discoveries of leaking roofs, mold, broken flanges and pipes and basically unkempt property in every possible form.  None of our sprinkler systems had been maintained either.  In short, all of our basic assets had to be renovated and repaired.  We have received many wonderful thank you notes from residents who enjoyed the new pool amenities in 2017 including working showers and newly renovated bathrooms.  Our poolhouse had to be renovated as well as we had broken pipes which had been left without repair for years which caused a tremendous amount of damage.  It is our hope going forward, these things will be tended yearly as we do our homes so not to find themselves in such disarray again in the future.  Outside of all of the needed repairs, and the trimming of the budget, was our biggest challenge which were the unpaid and uncollected dues totaling a half million dollars.  It is unfortunate we are not yet a solvent community but we are now heading in that direction.  Most HOA communities have at least One Million Dollars in their reserve account.  That should be our goal as well.

All in all, we are doing well to spring back from a community which had no enforcement or collection for many, many years.  It cost us in value but we are now going in the right direction.  We hope to see many new families look forward to enjoying calling Parks of Deer Creek home in the near future, and we expect to see our property value improve in the coming year as well.

The Board of Directors of Parks of Deer Creek Homeowners Association, Inc.


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